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Gregory Peterson, JD | Writer & PR Advisor | Former: TED Conferences Staff; Bush Fellow - Harvard Kennedy School; Lecturer - Boston U. School of Communications; Governor's Communications Director.

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Gregory peterson   legal writer   fbi vs apple 3 article
Special Counsel

End of (This) iPhone Encryption Case

The US Justice Department's case against Apple changed our conversations about privacy, encryption and security — and left many questions unanswered. Story by Gregory Peterson.

Gregorypeterson cybersecurity whitepaper 1 article
Special Counsel

Cybersecurity For Lawyers

Lawyers everywhere have become aware of threats posed by cyber attacks, malware and poor data-management practices. This report covers key technological and legal trends. (Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for Special Counsel.)

Special counsel   icon column screenshot article
Special Counsel

Client Testimonial

Generous words from a writing client...

Gregorypeterson legal productivity white paper1 article
Special Counsel

Whitepaper on Legal Productivity

Practitioners who make it their business to cultivate increasingly effective work practices are the intended audience for this report. (Writer: Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for Special Counsel.)

2017 03 17   gregory peterson   legal writing article
Special Counsel

After You Take The Bar Exam…

We get it: You're focused on preparing for the bar exam itself. But have you given any thought to what comes after?

Gregory peterson   boston writer and pr counsel article
Special Counsel

Overcome the Guilt that Keeps You in the Wrong Job

Gregory Peterson Story for the Law Blog at Special Counsel

Sandra day o'connor article article
Special Counsel

Famous Female Legal Trailblazers

For International Women's Day, Gregory Peterson wrote this story celebrating the contributions of women in the law.

Lawyer graphic   gregory peterson   legal communication article
Special Counsel

For A Successful Managed Review Process...

Lawyers facing a complex managed review process can benefit from five key reminders. (Gregory Peterson story for Special Counsel)

Man with glass writing at desk clerk thank you card paying bills dot is pen ink drawing article
Special Counsel

Boosting Productivity in a Legal Environment

24 hours. That’s the same blank “time sheet” of opportunity afforded to every other lawyer. Yet some professionals somehow accomplish so much more... (Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for Special Counsel)

Special Counsel

Profile of a Staff Attorney

Considering A "Staff Attorney" Position? You might be surprised at the variety of responsibilities (and rewards) that come with this title.

Gregory peterson ediscovery cover 2 article
Special Counsel

e-Discovery White Paper

In 2013, Gregory Peterson conducted research on innovation practices in e-Discovery. (Document not publicly available.)

2014 09 02   typography lawyers blog image.001 article
Special Counsel

Typography For Lawyers

If you have not not yet read Matthew Butterick's "Typography For Lawyers," visit his website. You soon will be a believer in the power of good typography. (Writer: Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD)

2014 09 02   legal blogpost news image.001 article
Special Counsel

Curated Legal Industry News Content

Gregory Peterson aggregated and curated interesting news from legal industry sources. Attached are a few samples of these "Legal Industry Roundup" posts.

2014 08 12   lawyer studying vlack white vector article
Special Counsel

Before the Interview: How to Research a Law Firm

Background information is readily available for candidates willing to do a little research. Why not be well-prepared when you walk into that interview?

2014 08 07   linkedin lawyers article
Special Counsel

LinkedIn Groups For Legal Professionals

Blogpost on social media advice for legal professionals. (Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for "The Column" Blog at Special Counsel.)