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Gregory Peterson

Gregory Peterson - Writer & Advisor

Gregory Peterson, JD | Writer & PR Advisor | Former: TED Conferences Staff; Bush Fellow - Harvard Kennedy School; Lecturer - Boston U. School of Communications; Governor's Communications Director.

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Tomoe River: Another Visit From Japan's Paper Goddess?

Paper was invented two thousand years ago. But in "the revenge of analog," an innovative Japanese paper has generated new enthusiasm among those who write with pen and ink…

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Special Counsel

End of (This) iPhone Encryption Case

The US Justice Department's case against Apple changed our conversations about privacy, encryption and security — and left many questions unanswered. Story by Gregory Peterson.

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Artificial Intelligence Technology Combats Suicide In Veterans

AI technology monitors big data from social and mobile messages to detect suicide risk in military veterans.

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Special Counsel

Cybersecurity For Lawyers

Lawyers everywhere have become aware of threats posed by cyber attacks, malware and poor data-management practices. This report covers key technological and legal trends. (Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for Special Counsel.)

Gregory peterson review   artificial intelligence cover article

Artificial Intelligence Book Review

For Elsevier's SciTech Connect Blog: A review of "Artificial Intelligence in Behavioral and Mental Health Care."

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Special Counsel

Client Testimonial

Generous words from a writing client...

2014 08 07   ted understandingusa portfolio image article

"Understanding USA" Book (For TED Conferences)

Boston writer and public affairs consultant Gregory Peterson directed TED Conference’s “UNDERSTANDING USA” project – an ambitious effort using graphic design to “make public information public.”

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Co-written (as a ghostwriter) with Management Consultant and Board Advisor Christine Spadafor.

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Jack Myers

Research and Ghostwriting

Client: Jack Myers' "Hooked Up: A New Generation's Surprising Take On Sex, Politics and Saving the World."

Gregorypeterson legal productivity white paper1 article
Special Counsel

Whitepaper on Legal Productivity

Practitioners who make it their business to cultivate increasingly effective work practices are the intended audience for this report. (Writer: Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD, for Special Counsel.)

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The Boston Globe


Generous comments from clients and colleagues

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Personal Website Sample

Gregory Peterson wrote and designed this website for board advisor and management consultant Christine Spadafor.

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Gregory Peterson Online CV

If you're interested in more background information, my online resume is available here.

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Fast Company

Speech Editing, Presentation Development and Coaching

I helped craft and rehearse practitioner Adam Kahane's memorable speech — for the FastCompany Conference. "How To Change The World" is about the practices of scenario planning and dialogue.

2014 07 23   popditto online news writingsample article

The Business of Online News

It was not so long ago that the business model for a typical news organization was simple, straightforward and sustainable. But today's online journalism requires different relationships with readers and advertisers — and a shifting definition of what constitutes "news."