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Gregory Peterson, JD | Writer & PR Advisor | Former: TED Conferences Staff; Bush Fellow - Harvard Kennedy School; Lecturer - Boston U. School of Communications; Governor's Communications Director.

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2014 07 23   popditto online news writingsample article

The Business of Online News

It was not so long ago that the business model for a typical news organization was simple, straightforward and sustainable. But today's online journalism requires different relationships with readers and advertisers — and a shifting definition of what constitutes "news."

Digital business models cover 1 article

Digital Business Models In Action

In startups and corporate boardrooms across the country, a leading agenda item today is business model innovation — a capability that FORTUNE Magazine has called “the new essential competency.” And with web assets, social media, and mobile technologies playing increasingly crucial roles, it’s the digital business models that matter most of all. (Writer: Gregory Peterson, JD)

Predictive analytics story icon2 article

Predictive Analytics: A Game-Changer for Brand Communication?

Harvard Business School Prof. Tom Davenport offers this sage counsel: “We live in a predictive society… and the best way to prosper in it is to understand the objectives, techniques and limits of predictive models.” (Gregory Peterson is a writer & communications advisor.)

Context is queen 4 article

Optimizing Content For Consumption

Gregory Peterson feature story on the importance of the "context" factor in content consumption


Time to Start Thinking About Your Digital Business Model: Here’s How

Story Published in 2013. (URL does not function, but PDF of article is posted at top of page.) Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD is a Boston writer & communications advisor.