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Gregory Peterson

Gregory Peterson - Writer & Advisor

Gregory Peterson, JD | Writer & PR Advisor | Former: TED Conferences Staff; Bush Fellow - Harvard Kennedy School; Lecturer - Boston U. School of Communications; Governor's Communications Director.

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51wrfempkml article

Online Reputation Management

Commentary and review of recent books regarding online reputation management

Buy in book cover kotter article

Nonfiction Book Review

Persuasive presentations and effective advocacy via Harvard Professor John Kotter.

Persuasive stories tell to win article

Nonfiction Book Review

Power of Business Storytelling Extolled in Peter Guber's "Tell To Win"

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CSR: When Good (?) Companies Do Bad Things

Lessons in Crisis Management, CSR and Community Relations. (Gregory Peterson, MPA/JD)

Maister trusted advisor cover article

Nonfiction Book Review

Gregory Peterson's review of David Maister's classic consulting text, "The Trusted Advisor"

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Best Thinking Blog

Sample Posts From Gregory Peterson On The "Best Thinking" Blog

Nonfiction Book Review

Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter's book is a field guide for successful advocacy. (See book cover image above.)